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French fabricant for over 70 years, SNRI designs and makes valves for Oil, Gas and diverses industrial processus under their Malbranque and SNRI brand names.

Our Design department elaborates and creates new products using latest computer-aided technologies that optimize and adapt the designing of Globe, Gate and Check valves according to customer needs.

A range of Security equipment ( Safety valve, Relief valve et Fire-Clap for tank storage ) makes SNRI a choice partner to assure your installations top conformity that’s needed.

Fabrication carried-out in our Ruffec (France) plant, along with the support of European foundries, allows combining excellent quality and responsiveness.


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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

See our range of products for Oil & Gas application
Marine & LNG

Marine & LNG

Discover our range of products for Marine & LNG Application
Power & Nuclear

Power & Nuclear

Discover our range of products for Nuclear & Power Application

For more than 90 years, Guichon Valves, an independent european company, led by a long-term oriented management team, is focused on design, manufacturing, assembling and testing of special and custom-made valves, for petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries, with demanding requirements.


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D2FC Energy Valves is known as a Worldwide Specialist for high standards quality hydro-valves. With its expertise and the benefit of 30 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and selling high performance products for Water and Oil & Gas industries all over the World. D2FC’s customers proximity and field experience have strongly contributed to develop products matching customers new problematics.

D2FC Energy Valves is fully dedicated to hydro-valves. At the beginning, D2FC Energy Valves focused its activity on valves design and engineering studies for valves manufacturers, subcontracting the manufacturing to few key partners. Nowadays, the manufacturing process is fully integrated in the company with the creation of the D2FC Industries holding. Special attention has been used to develop reliable, high performance and innovative products.

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IRELAND VALVES is specialized in cryogenic valves and oxygen service valves fields. Gaining knowledge, skills and broadening its scope of compétences. The company early decided to design, develop, engineer and produce its own products range (globe valves, check valves, safety valves, control valves, etc).

Today, it is known as an experienced, high-achieving and reliable valves manufacturer. IRELAND commitment for quality and customer’s satisfaction as well as our high-performing design, production and control means grant our produces an international renown.

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From DN15 to DN400, from PN10 to PN760, for cryogenic service, for oxygen service, for coldbox installation, made of stainless steel, made of aluminium, made of bronze, with BW ends, with SW ends, flanged ends, etc.

From DN15 to DN200, from PN10 to PN760, for cryogenic service, for oxygen service, without or with spring, made of stainless steel, made of bronze, with BW ends, with SW ends, flanged ends, etc.

From DN15 to DN200, from PN10 to PN760, from Cv=0,5 to Cv=714, with linear characteristic or with equal percent characteristic, with conventional or smart positioner, with air filter reducer, with solenoid valve with BW ends, flanged ends, for cryogenic service, etc.

Spring loaded, seat orifice from 6 mm to 12 mm, set pressure from 0,5 bar g. to 460 bar g., made of stainless steel, made of bronze, without or with lever, for cryogenic service, for oxygen service, threaded ends, with BW fittings, flanged ends, etc.