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Specialist in supply & maintenance of industrial valves, Valco Group SA is a company established in Cape Town since 2015. VGSA is focused on trading, manufacturing, servicing and repairing all types of valves for Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water and Nuclear applications.

We are able to support you with a wide range of products thanks to our direct connection with our OEM brands SNRI, Malbranque, Guichon Valves and Ireland Valves. Our direct communication channel with our manufacturing head office Valco Group France ensures you a fast, reliable and quality answer for all questions you might have regarding your valve design and application.

Valco Group SA is providing a strong technical competitive advantage for all your supply and maintenance enquiries. Moreover, our young and dynamic team will be dedicated to bring you state of the art solutions which will meet your quality and operational requirements.

VALCO GROUP SA is a proud BBBEE Level 2 contributor and certified ISO 9001:2015

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