For several years now, Valco Group SA is committed to a quality management process, as per ISO 9001:2015. The deployed quality management system covers our supply and maintenance activities. It enables:

  • To ensure our activities control
  • To measure our process performance
  • To identify the improvement ways and follow the action plans

We put the customers satisfaction at the heart of our company. Concerned about being able to meet the customers’ requirements, we involve all the company resources to ensure efficiently and sustainably the products and service quality and the fulfillment of its commitments, particularly in terms of delivery time, while developing and improving activities.

Our Certification

Valco Group SA is a certified :

  • ISO 9001 version 2015

The quality of our products and service is recognised and can be subjected to approval by a third-party organisation.

Our Quality Assurance and Control

The quality management system allows ensuring that customer requirements are taken into account throughout the maintenance process, from the receiving of products until the delivery, including the pressure testing of the valves.

The checking of products compliance with respect to the customer and/or internal requirements is performed throughout the following operations

  • Supplier receipts
  • Internal Control
  • Inspection
  • Final control

All our controls / verifications are performed with suitable means. We internally implement the following controls:

  • Dimensional control by conventional means
  • Dye penetrant inspection
  • Checking of paint application
  • Pressure Test (Hydraulic and Pneumatic)
  • Operating Test

All the products refurbished in our premises are unitarily tested for resistance and tightness according to the recognised codes and standards.

Our Main Clients