Onsite repair and maintenance

Valco Group SA is able to help you for any kind of onsite maintenance.

We offer also a complete variety of services. Our dedicated and skilled team is at your disposal for the complete revision of your valves, safety valves and various devices of industrial valves all brands according to your specifications.

As an example, our experimented technician team is approved since 2 years to perform the maintenance inside the Nuclear power plant of Koeberg (Cape Town – South Africa).

Onsite Maintenance and Repair

VGSA is your key-partner for your annual outage and emergency call-out

Online pressure safety valve testing

No loss of production, better cost savings

Our expert team is specialised in maintenance interventions as well as in-situ testing. The work consists of testing the pressure relief valve to the full operating conditions to confirm setting pressure. Equipped with the PreVenTest machine, VGSA is able to test your pressure safety valves on site without interrupting the process operation. With this so called ‘hot testing’ the safety valve stays on-line and no dismantling of the valve or plant shut-down is required.


Valco Groups Mobile Workshop

In order to always better adapt to customer constraints and resolutely oriented towards the development of our onsite maintenance activity, we recently invested in a container dedicated to the repair and witness of on/off valves and safety valves for onsite maintenance.

Our fully equipped test container measures 20ft and features all necessary tools and equipment for the maintenance and pressure test on valves. We are able to assist you with specific demand for all types of valves from ½’’ to 6’’ and from 1 bar to 450 bar. The pressure test can be realized with air or with water, depending on your requirements.

Our mobile workshop is currently at Eskom Medupi Power Station as our team of expert technicians is busy calibrating more than 80 safety valves for GE Power.

Contact us for more information on 021 556 1805 or contact@valcogroup.co.za

They trust us and we thank them !

Our references

FFS Refiners
Cape Town – Onsite repair
GE Power
Medupi – Onsite Outage
Kusile – Onsite Outage
Eskom Power Plant
Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant – Annual Outage

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