Presentation and History

Group of manufacturing companies founded in 1949 and based in France, Valco Group is the owner of the brands SNRI, Malbranque, VVS, Guichon Valves and D2FC. Nowadays, the group employs more than 250 employees all around the world. Valco Group have actively participated in the evolution of industrial growth and progress over the last 70 years. It has a worldwide leadership in the cryogenic valves field dedicated the liquefied gas industry as well as an industrial expertise recognized in the power generation field with a wide installed base.

With support from shareholder ARGOS SODITIC, the group continues to strengthen their global know-how, skills and presence near customers to insure efficient and long lasting support. With a strong technical environment base and French fabrication along with European industrial partners, Valco Group is proud to actively participate in widely innovating international projects and to be a world leader within the Oil & Gas, Power generation and LNG market.

Our Brands

Valco Group History

Foundation of Malbranque

MALBRANQUE is established in France


Sergot and Seguin became SERSERG

SERGOT merges with SEGUIN, a company specialized in the nuclear sector, and becoming SERSEG.

Schlumberger acquired SERSEG

Schlumberger acquires SERSEG and a new group is created : Malbranque-SERSEG


SNRI is established in France

Creation of the company SNRI

Technor Group acquired SNRI

Technor Group acquired SNRI

HitecVision buy Technor Group

HitecVision acquired Technor Group

Creation of Valco Group France

Malbranque & SNRI are restructured under an unique structure Valco Group France, part of the group HitecVision.

SNRI Service became Valco Valves Services VVS

SNRI murges with Malbranque

Valco Group France restructured its industrial activity.

The industrial operations of Malbranque are transfered to SNRI, as weel as the intellectual property.

Argos Soditic acquired Valco Group France

Argos Soditic acquired Valco Group France.

Opening of Subsidiaries

Valco Group opened 2 subsidiaries

  • in 2014, Valco Group SA is established in Cape Town
  • in 2015, Valco Group Australia is established in Perth

Acquisition of Guichon Valves

Valco Group France acquired Guichon Valves, a company specialized in the manufacturing of valves for extreme conditions.

Acquisition of D2FC

Valco Group integrates D2FC. This group is known as a Worldwide Specialist for high standards quality hydrovalves.

The acquisition would represent a new milestone in the development of Valco Group France.